April goals - recap

So, how did I do? (I’m cringing as I write this as I know I didn’t do as well as I wanted).

For April, I will do the following:

1. Measure myself once a week (since I am not going by weight loss anymore). Bonus would be to lose an inch of my waist by the end of the month. - I measured myself once this month. Just once. I hit a major case of the bloats mid-month and couldn’t look at the measuring tape or I would cry.

2. Make sure to take my multivitamin/supplements daily - I had my vits/supps almost every day! Gold star here!

3. One full glass of water per meal - Some days good, some days not so good.

4. Minimum 7 hours of sleep a night - Fail again! I keep this goal here since I need to get my sleep in but I’m still not doing it. Case in point, I think I barely got 6 hours of sleep each night this past Thursday night through Sunday night. Last night I had zero energy to workout and skipped my yoga workout for movie + wine. Not a good swap at all. Yoga makes me feel so much better but being overly tired gives me crap balance.

5. Calorie count (even on bad cheat days) - Hangs. Head. In. Shame. I even joined MyFitnessPal this month and only tracked for 1 week. Maybe I should give out my ID so people can hold me accountable?

6. Make my meals in advance to take to work the next day (I’ve been getting sloppy lately) - I think I do this 4 out of the 5 days a week. I want to start prepping meals on Sunday for the week.

7. Continue with one new clean recipe a week - I get two gold stars for this one! I think I averaged at least 2 new recipes per week. Some from this month’s challenge and some from magazines or cookbooks. Even John has been jumping in to help. Going to keep this good trend going.

8. Twice this month I will get a sitter so that John and I can get out for some RnR. - Yup! Even got to see my first grown-up movie (Hunger Games) in the theater in years!

9. Stay on track with marathon training schedule - Oooo look, squirrel! (Points in other direction and runs away. 2 long runs + blahs meant this month’s training was a car wreck).

10. At least 1 yoga and one strength workout per week - Ooo look, another squirrel…

Some good, some bad. Lots of room for improvement. May will be all about getting back on track!