Heading off to the coast tomorrow to work on the inlaw’s timeshare. I’m bringing 3 Lara Bars, 2 apples, and a bag of cashews for food in case I strike out on actual meals.

Oh yea, clothes and toiletries are packed too but really, I’m concerned most about staying on plan.

Wish me luck!!!

Breakfast of Champions—Chair Challenge | Tony Horton Fitness

OMG! This is too funny! Tony Horton does a chair squat while eating a bowl of cereal and his reactions are hilarious!!!

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Day 16 of Whole 30 is going…well…calm.

I had a breakfast of one Adelle’s sausage (didn’t finish it though), a mushroom and egg scramble (topped with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce), 1/2 a banana, and 1/4 avocado. I had this at 7:30 am.

I really had no hunger or desire to snack till about 11. I made it till 11:45 when I had my lunch of ground turkey taco meat, red peppers, carrots, and mushrooms topped with half an avocado.

Still have no desire to snack at almost 2:00. I do have some fresh mango and cashews if I get hungry. The key word is “if”.

I’m in this odd calmness. No food cravings, no over-the-top hunger. I even did a morning yoga dvd and I’m not exhausted. 

Is this the tiger’s blood portion of Whole 30 they talk about? I don’t feel full of energy yet but I feel pretty calm about the next 14 days.

Let’s hope this lasts!

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Whole 30 day 15 (halfway done!!!!)

Breakfast: egg/mushroom/yam scramble, avocado

Lunch: taco turkey meat on a salad with avocado, cantaloupe

Dinner: stuffed Delicata squash, baked mochi (bad treat!)

Snack: Lara Bar, cashews

Baked mochi made it into my belly somehow. I have no idea how that happened! I blame a tired Monday and a lack of caffeine. Really that’s no excuse and I can do better. Aiming for 100% compliance tomorrow!

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John and I are heading to the coast for two days this week to help put in a wood floor on the parent’s timeshare (shared with other families). This means two days of eating on the fly while we are working fast and furious on this project (yes I gave up two vacation days not realizing what I volunteered for). I’ll be honest in that I’m not sure how well I’ll be on plan for these two days since all the food will have to be purchased while we are there. We are staying in a hotel room Wednesday night that probably doesn’t have a fridge or microwave so I can’t really bring food unless I bring it in a cooler and eat it cold. 

I’m OK for breakfast on Wednesday and I’m sure we’ll grab a sit-down meal at a restaurant Thursday morning. Not sure what we can grab during the day or evening Wed and Thursday as we need to get this floor done quickly. I’m going to bring a box of Lara Bars and maybe some bananas and hope for the best. As long as I can get something on a salad, I’ll be OK. I’m even bringing a bottle of balsamic vinegar to use as salad dressing.

If I can make it to Friday, I want a prize. This trip was my one huge challenge while on Whole 30. Just get me to the end of this program!!!



I know you guys see wish lists on tumblr all the time and roll your eyes or whatever. But everyday since the first day of school, I’ve had students asking me if I’ve got any new books. These students have devoured everything I own; one of them spent the end-of-school dance last year reading a John Green novel.

Kids need books. My students don’t have access to a public library and the school library is mostly filled with novels from the 80s. They read what I can give them. If you can help, they’ll read what you can give them.

Signal boost!

Done! All kids should have access to books. Peeps and Bugs love their library and would feel bad if kids didn’t have lots of books to read. 

runningwithaltitude replied to your post:Happy headache Monday! Yes, the headache has…

Im confused. You’re not allowed legumes but you can eat sugar snap peas. Are you only allowed the shells and not the peas inside?

Supposedly green beans and sugar snap peas are OK. Maybe because you eat the entire bean pod? There’s some medical stuff about starches that don’t make a lot of sense. I’m Chicana and I will eat my beans and rice when I’m off this plan. 

runningwithaltitude replied to your post:Whole 30 day 14 done. Breakfast:…

Try duck eggs or if you’re feeling hungry, an ostrich egg

Uh nope. Actually I heard duck eggs are really rich (is that right)? I don’t even know where I could find either one of those. I’m going to see if I can make some sort of egg casserole that I can just heat and eat in the mornings. The egg cups were ok. 

Happy headache Monday!

Yes, the headache has returned. I think out of the 15 days I’ve been on Whole 30, half of them have had a headache of some sorts. I’ve been trying to stay hydrated since increased protein intake can make the kidneys work harder so I don’t think this is a dehydration headache. I hope the next 15 days aren’t riddled with headaches.

Still, halfway point reached in Whole 30! Thank f*ck for that!!!

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Whole 30 day 14 done.

Breakfast: egg/yam/onion/pepper scramble, avocado

Lunch: apple and cashews

Dinner: deconstructed taco salad (ground turkey, avocado, spinach, salsa, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms)

Post game snack: fresh mango and cashews

Snacks: dried mango

I was going to post about how I can’t see myself doing Paleo after this challenge and how I would like to have dairy and grains but at a minimum.

Then I went to play my soccer game. In 3 weeks, I’ve only completed two yoga workouts and one kettlebell workout and yet I’ve had no decrease in athletic performance. In fact, the last two soccer games have been stellar!!!


So maybe I need to decide that I need to stay on the mostly Paleo path as my body is doing really well on it. If I could just have oatmeal for breakfast, I think I could manage the rest.

Just getting tired of eggs for breakfast every. single. day.

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Hope Solo during her record breaking 72 shutout in USWNT history. 

Hope Solo during her record breaking 72 shutout in USWNT history. 

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